Tulsa Wrongful Death Lawyers


It is simply heartbreaking. Losing a child or elder to abuse or neglect should never happen. Never. Children and elders should be loved and protected. Tulsa child neglect attorneys and elder abuse attorneys know that nothing can bring them back. But making the defendant pay can help ease the pain and suffering.

Personal injury lawyers have handled thousands of personal injury cases including claims against those who have caused death through negligence or abuse. There is no greater tragedy than the untimely death of a child, especially when that death could have been prevented. Personal Injury Attorneys would like to help you seek justice for the death of your loved one.

Child Abuse Death

Sadly, there are many ways that child abuse can lead to death. Shaken baby syndrome, where the infant is shaken until brain damage and ultimately death occurs, is one way. Another is burning the child for "misbehaving". There have been cases when a child has been locked in a closet and starved to death. And the shocking cases of physical punishment leading to death by caregivers other than the family of the child. 

Elder Abuse Death

Elders can sadly be abused in many ways similar to children. Sometimes a parent is physically abused by their child for things like soiling their clothes and forgetting to do tasks. Most of the elder abuse happens in institutions such as nursing homes, or at the hands of an outside caregiver. Broken bones from being pushed can quickly lead to death in an elder person.

What Recourse do I Have in Tulsa Wrongful Death?

The following things must be in place In order to bring suit against someone:

  • There is a death of a person;
  • The death has been caused by a person's negligence or by someone's intent to do harm;
  • A representative has been appointed to handle the decedent's estate;
  • There are surviving family members who have suffered monetary harm;
  • A family member may not bring suit against another family member.

If you have had a child or elder family member die from abuse suffered at the hands of others, contact one of the experienced personal injury attorneys for advice. These attorneys have litigated countless personal injury and death cases and will give your case the compassion and attention that it deserves. Call today for help.