Tulsa Wrongful Death Lawyers


We trust the makers of products to do their jobs and to keep us safe. When we spend our hard earned money on something and that product seriously injures us, or worse, we expect the company to pay for their mistake. Tulsa Defective Products Attorneys are seasoned lawyers who have years of experience litigating product liability cases.

The purpose of this website is to educate people who have had a family member be a victim of wrongful death about the wisdom of contacting a mature wrongful death lawyer. A good lawyer is compassionate, thorough, and understands the gravity of your situation. He or she will listen carefully to your story and discuss with you the details of what happened. A lawyer will help you decide if you have a viable case.

Definition of Defective Products

The definition of a product is basically merchandise. For example, toys, vehicles, and pillows are all products. It can also be a medical device such as an artificial hip. The definition of a non-product can vary from case to case and takes a skilled attorney to determine.

The definition of a defective product is a product that has one of these three things - a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or an inadequate warning label. When manufacturers knowingly put these products on the market, the stage is set for a claim.

Wrongful Death Product Liability Lawsuits

The following things must be in place to bring about a product liability lawsuit:

  • The Plantiff must prove beyond a doubt that the product was the cause of the injury;
  • The Plantiff must prove that the defect in the product existed at the time that it left the manufacturer, or if the lawsuit is against a retailer or private seller, the defect existed at the time of sale;
  • The Plantiff must prove that the defect made the article dangerous enough to cause the death.

When a defective product contributes to a person's death, a representative of the victim's estate or heirs may sue one or more parties in the product's supply chain. Damages can include the medical expenses of the victim, funeral expenses, loss of earning potential, loss of companionship, and possibly punitive damages.

There is a two year statue of limitations in Oklahoma, so if you have a family member who has been a victim of product liability, please contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your case will be handled gently and with compassion. Call today.